Words on the Rise

Edited by Michelle is now Words on the Rise

10 July, 2023

By Michelle Bourbonniere, PhD

10 July, 2023

I’m an SEO, editor, copywriter, and historian.

Strange combo, I know.

But you know what holds it all together?


So let me introduce you to my new brand.

Edited by Michelle is now Words on the Rise.

I want to publicly thank the amazing group of women who took my vision and poured their love and attention and talent into making it a reality.

Logo, Branding, and Website Design

Web and brand designer Lisa Breedt of LIVE Creative specializes in bespoke WordPress web design & branding for female entrepreneurs. She and her team designed the brand, the logo, the design elements, the custom illustrations, and the website. She took the website copy I sent her and absolutely made it sing.

I’m so pleased to have had the chance to work with such a wonderful and talented design team. Thank you Lisa!

Branding Photography

Christina Louise Brandingthe photography studio for branding photos in Edmonton, Alberta—took all of my brand photos. (Thanks to her there is not a single stock photo on this website.) Her process was perfect—she knows exactly how to take the kind of photos that everyone needs on their website. The photoshoot itself was at gorgeous show home in Southwest Edmonton built by City Homes.

Personal Stylist

Christina Louise introduced me to Jennifer Clark of Jennifer Clark Styling, an independent fashion stylist who works out of the West Edmonton Mall (WEM). It’s because of Jennifer that I look so very on-brand in each and every photo.

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