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Your site could be small and mighty

Most small sites get no Google traffic, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Google sends free traffic to small sites like yours all the time.

Use the right words on your site and your best-fit customers will start showing up at your digital doorstep. Really.

My Mission:

To help small websites like yours crush it online

Without you having to put yourself “out there” on social media

Without signing a 12-month contract or handing over control of your site to a nameless, faceless online marketing company

And without spending one penny on Google or Facebook ads

How? Simple.

By choosing and using
the right words.

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You probably have a small site

By “small” I mean exactly what you think I mean


“Small” sites are run by small teams

I primarily work with solopreneurs & companies with small teams.

“Small” sites don’t have a lot of traffic (yet)

Most small sites get Google traffic only from people looking for them by name.

“Small” sites don’t have a lot of pages

Most websites I work on have fewer than 100 pages. Some have only 10.

Michelle Bourbonniere, PhD

I have a small site too

I’m Michelle Bourbonniere—SEO, copywriter, editor. My site is small, just like yours.

When I say I specialize in SEO and copy for “small sites,” I mean it. My site has 8 blog posts. Just 8. But they’re bringing me traffic. And sales.

Google connects me with people like you all the time. People whose problems I can solve. I get emails from people all around the world who “found me through Google” regularly.

So, while the online giants fight among themselves for insanely competitive keywords like “car insurance”…

… I’m ranking my client’s websites for the keyword phrases that their ideal clients (and only their ideal clients) type into the Google search box.

So that they can start getting leads and sales “from Google” too.

As seen on & cited by:

Josh Hall

Josh Hall

Web design business coach

“She is truly a ray of SEO sunshine”

“In a world of shady SEO practices and people, she is truly a ray of SEO sunshine.

And if the words on your website are supposed to sell, Michelle will make sure they do just that.”

Annie Bacher

Annie Bacher

B2B Copywriter

“The type of advice she gives us about website copy is exactly the type of SEO guidance we’ve always wanted (but never found).”

Hayley Hobbs

Hayley Hobbs

Online tutor

“It’s really working for me!”

“Each week I get a steady stream of enquiries—new clients are booking meetings.

Every one of them books into at least one of my courses. It’s really working for me!”

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I know it’s hard to believe that something as simple as using the right words on your website can make such a difference.

I’d be glad to answer any questions you have about my process, pricing … or even just what’s possible.